Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to the blog and to a new decade.  This time I am focussing on something we are all hearing at the moment, ‘New Year New Me.’  Whether it’s coming from friends, relations or the media, it seems to be everywhere.

That phrase literally sends chills down my spine.  It feels so forced and old, but worse it sounds like someone is saying that they are not good enough.


As a Team all of us want you to know you are most definitely good enough. Are any of us perfect? No. Do most of us want to make changes in our lives? Yes.  That is the wonderful thing about our project we can help you.

I am not saying people shouldn’t want to change themselves. I am constantly reimagining myself, ask the team how many hair colours I had last year!

But to:

  1. change from a place where you think you are not enough


  1. think the only time you can change is at the beginning of the year

makes everything such hard work.


At this time of year, we are pushed by adverts for gyms, weight loss products, new clothes, podcast platforms and any other industry who feels they can push the aspiration of a perfect you. Something which really doesn’t exist.

It can encourage us to take on too many changes and then fail a couple of weeks down the line, or make changes that seem very positive and amazing, but just aren’t us, like when I decided to join a gym! Oh my!


Change can happen at any time you wish it to. If you were to set out to implement one new habit every month this year, consider the possibility of the amount that could change in your life by this time next year. Surely that is a better more sustainable way to make a change, rather than jumping on the bandwagon and choosing 3/4 new years resolutions to start at the same time?


Don’t forget little changes add up to a huge impact over time.  Start with things you can easily add into your existing routines.  Have a boogie to music whilst waiting for the kettle to boil, read while you are stuck on the bus travelling to the shops, try a new recipe for tea once a week.

Possible habits/things to start including in your life

  • Journalling
  • Cooking from scratch once a week
  • Learn a new skill
  • Try a new exercise
  • Read a book a month


So my plan is:
January – Get up with my alarm every day, no hitting the snooze button
February – Journal every day
March – Try out and learn a new Vegan recipe every week
April – Walk for 20 mins every day
May – Learn a new skill – I haven’t decided yet maybe crochet or brush lettering
June – Commit to cooking from scratch 4 times a week.
July – Read daily
August – Swim once a week
September – Take my self out for a coffee once a week
October – To do yoga in my front room 3 times a week
November – Have a film night once a week
December – Make sure I have at least 60 minutes self-care each week.


My overall aim for the year is to get healthier and improve my fitness. Because of how my mind works, I need to work toward gaining things rather than losing things, for example, I am more motivated by the thought of learning how to cook yummy new vegan recipes than I am if I set a goal of ‘don’t eat meat’. In fact, most of us work this way, so bear this in mind when setting goals for yourself.


I regularly assess my new habits/goals to make sure they are actually working for me. There is no point me making sure I am walking for 20 mins every day in June if I have hurt my ankle or I am ill for example, I would then try something else or swap a goal from another month.  These habits are meant to enrich and improve our live’s. If you have tried something and you really don’t like it, or it’s having a detrimental effect on you, don’t continue. But do also remember, change for the better can feel uncomfortable at first and be a little challenging, give everything at least 14 days of your full commitment before trying something new.


But most of all, remember you are amazing just as you are, only make changes for you and when you are ready.


Take care
See you next time