Living in lock-down.

I didn’t want to talk about Corona in this blog, but it’s the rather obvious elephant in the room.

No matter who we are, where we live or what our beliefs are, we are all having to deal with it right now. It’s a strange thing to be united by, but the fact it has bought people together is undeniable. Groups of volunteers are helping vulnerable people in isolation, neighbourhoods are cheering for the NHS, recently retired medical staff are choosing to go back to work and many other people and professions are helping to ensure our lives do not completely collapse around us. It’s amazing! Huge thank-you’s to everyone who is helping, you are awesome.

There is so much information being shared by so many people and it’s being updated all the time, so if I write any useful information in this blog, it could be out of date by the time I post it online. So I thought I could be most useful by sharing links to all the best information I could find about anything I thought could be helpful right now. I have included links to info on money, how to entertain the kids, meal inspiration and maintaining mental health among others. I hope it’s useful for you. Also, let me know if you think I have missed anything out.


  • Money


  • Food


  • Support if you are in isolation (Devon area only)


  • Mental Health


  • Entertaining the kids


Check out Facebook for helpful groups in your locality looking to support the community.  As a Team, we will also be updating our Facebook page regularly with up to date information and links so please check it out, like and share

Take care, stay in, stay well.

See you next time.