Meeting the Team – Adrienne Baker

Welcome back.

I thought it was about time to start introducing the team properly to you all. I will be doing interviews with all the members of the team, but I thought I would start with the Boss, Adrienne Baker – Manager of the Parent Progression Team.


Hi Adrienne, welcome. Thank you for being a part of the Parent Progression blog.

Thank you for asking me.

Can I just ask you for a brief introduction of yourself to our readers, please?

My background has been working for Devon County Council when I came to live in lovely North Devon back in 1987 as the Employment Manager for Adults with Learning Disabilities.

From there I went to work for Action for Children and found a brilliant joint contract that they were setting up across the County with Exeter Community Initiatives to deliver support to families in accessing, training/retraining/volunteering or employment.

What is your role in the project?

I manage a brilliant team of advisors across the County, I probably keep the project ticking over in regard of the work we do but the advisors are the real stars as they work with supporting all the parents that are referred to us from lots of different agencies.

What is your favourite part of our project?

Oh my, the challenge, the excitement of seeing a parent that an advisor has been working with gradually breaking through and finding their sense of worth and to see that  parent moving on be it ever so slightly nearer to their goals.  Working with the Advisors and planning the different projects they have been setting up in their geographical area, they are all so talented.

What one thing would you like prospective parents to know about the project?

I would like parents to know that the project is here to help them succeed in reaching their potential, gaining confidence and learning new skills when it comes to training/volunteering and employment opportunities.  It can be hard to get back on the ladder but the feeling of belonging, earning your own money, meeting new friends and learning new skills is fab-u-lous and I thoroughly recommend it.  So let us help you to take that step.

Where would you like to see the project in 3 years?

3 years’ time! It would be brilliant if we could help more parents to work through the barriers and truly start to think about how they can achieve their goals.  It would be ideal to have more links than we have already with more projects for parents with all of the other agencies across the County and pool our resources to help those that need that extra little bit of support, it is starting to happen but I would like to see more.

Thank you again Adrienne for taking the time to answer my questions for the blog. Seeing the project through someone else’s eyes is exciting.

Take care, stay in, stay well.

See you next time.