The blog continues

Hello again. I have made it back. Somehow I feel slightly more nervous about this instalment than the first. I guess its nerves about if I can maintain a certain standard or even improve. It’s not the first time in my life I have felt like this.

On some occasions in my past, I have decided not to even try to face my fears and just walked away as soon as anything got scary. At some point, I have had to make a decision to push through the nerves and all my negative talk to do things anyway. Sometimes I have failed, but most of the time I have come out the other side wondering what all the fuss was about. On the occasions I did actually fail, I hated it. I am not going to lie, and I spent time licking my wounds, but I learnt something about myself every time. I learnt that I am not good at everything, that sometimes I need to ask for help and advice from others, that I can overestimate how much I can get done in a certain time frame and underestimate how long I can spend time procrastinating (ooooppps)!!!

Each of those lessons were a hard pill to swallow and I would like to say I learned all of them the first time, but no! It took me a good few failures for some of those truths to get into my head. But learn I did, and every day I learn a bit more about my capabilities, mainly by stepping out of my comfort zone and challenging myself.

But I have gotten distracted.

The reason for this instalment was to update you all and let you know what form this Blog will be taking. As a team, we have decided that information is important to the parents we are helping and also seeing how others have coped with a similar journey.

So the plan is for a new instalment every two weeks. The format will switch between information and links about subjects the team keeps coming across with the parents we are working with, and a more relaxed blog covering experiences of the team on our journeys balancing families and work and maybe some case studies, insights from some of the parents we have been able to help. We are always happy to listen to feedback and if there is anything you want to be included in the blog let me know by leaving a comment or emailing us.

Until next time, take care.