Welcome to Exeter Community Initiative’s new service – The Parent Progression Project

I volunteered to write this blog in the usual way, everyone else said ummmmm, and I said ‘ok go on then’.  Hands up. I have no previous experience in writing anything apart from shopping lists (and then leaving them on the kitchen table!!), but if I have learned one thing from all my life experiences so far, trying new and scary things can sometimes be fun, and even if they are not, we always learn something from it.  So even if I learn not to say…’oh go on then’ quite so often, it’s all good.

My name is Sam and I am part of the Parent Progression Team. I have been asked to write a blog on this fantastic project, so you can find out what we are doing and if, and how we can help you. I am genuinely so excited to be part of a project right at the start. I get to see how something starts from being roughed out on paper and then comes into being in front of your eyes. I am proud to be part of something that is having such a positive and permanent impact on lives.

We are working alongside Action for Children to help parents with children 8 years old and under, to find a smooth and empowering move into work. But what does that really mean?? It means that we are helping and supporting parents who are ready to start working towards getting back into work. We are helping with confidence issues, gaps in education and CV’s. We are enabling parents to access volunteering opportunities to boost existing skills. We are here to support and encourage, to help you access courses, to help you consider what you want to do and help make a plan of action.

I know from experience how scary it was getting back into work. I was full of questions. What could I do? Would work fit in with school hours? What about childcare in school holiday time? Would I still know how to talk to other adults? You may have similar or different questions. There are no questions too silly if you are worried about something.

We are here to guide and work with you through all the stages leading up to getting and starting that job, so you can walk into your new workplace without fear or worry.

Our project team is made up of:

  • North and Torridge – Sam Bragg & Immy Buckland
  • Exeter, Mid & East – Jane Hawking & Helen Tyler
  • South & West – Sue Killick & Sam Bosley (Me)
  • Parent Progression Manager – Adrienne

Through this blog, I hope you get to know more about us, how we are helping other parents, and information about events we are holding in our different areas.

For further information email the team on enquiriesppt@eci.org.uk

Phew I made it to the end without a break down. This may not have been such a bad thing to volunteer for after all. Thanks for sticking with me. See you next time