What we do

Why is work good for you?

Finding paid work is one of the ways to improve the wellbeing of individuals, help parents support families and provide the opportunity to contribute to the wider community.

Our Aim

Our aim is to help you identify where you are and the distance you may need to travel in reaching your potential.  You may need to have some help and support along the way, we believe in small steps and celebrating your progress.

We can help you to see the achievements you have already made. Discover what strengths you have and how you can do more.

Work Star

What support do you/your family need to help you make the most of your potential? Let us know, maybe we can help you.

The team works within a recognised framework called Work Star (produced by Triangle Consulting).  This is a tool that helps the team see how an individual is doing and to enable an action plan to be developed. The work star looks at seven key areas of life that are important when on a journey into work.

Those stages are:

Job skills and experience

We can help you identify the skills & experience you already have

Aspiration and motivation

We can help to find aspiration & motivation

Job-search skills

We have a lot of networking opportunities to help you


We can look at the issues that stop you reaching your potential

Basic skills

Do you need any help with basic skills that will support you into training or work?

Workplace and social skills

Do you recall the expectations and social skills required at work?

Health and well-being

Do you need help with looking after your health and wellbeing?

The work star will help each individual to identify and focus on what needs to change in order to make progress in their lives.  That might mean improving specific skills, focussing on what you want for your future or addressing any barriers you face getting into work. Each member of the team has been trained in how to use the work star and will work with every individual in a timely and appropriate manner, adapting a pace that suits.